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World War One Resources

The following page contains a list of online exhibits, thematic guides and links to archival descriptions and material that relate to the First World War in Ontario. These resources were brought together to mark the centenary of the Great War and to function as a guide for users searching for resources on the topic.

Contributing to the page

If your institution has any WWI material you would like to share, please contact the AAO Web Administrator.

A PDF of this page can be found here.

Selected Archeion Resources

Elgin County Archives
Rodney Branch 525, Royal Canadian Legion fonds
The fonds contains photographs of First World War soldiers.
National Defence Headquarters Directorate of History and Heritage
Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Canadian Agency fonds
The fonds consists of memorial and cemetery registers for Canadian killed n the First and Second World War.
Kenneth F. Pettis fonds
The fonds consists of the memories of Squadron Leader Kenneth F. Pettis while serving in the First and Second World War. 

For more results, try searching Archeion using the following search tips to get you started:

Archives of Ontario- WWI 2014 Centenary Web Exhibit

Archives of Ontario
This exhibit focuses on letters written from the front during World War One by brothers, Charlie and Wally Gray. They are touching in their simplicity and reach us in a way that history texts rarely do.
Canadian Posters from the First World War is an exhibit that focuses on Canadian posters from the First World War and, in particular, those that can be found in the Archives of Ontario poster collection
Using the wartime letters between young solider Harry Mason and his sweetheart, Sadie Arbuckle, "Dear Sadie" tells the moving, bittersweet story of their relationship.  It also explores the shattering reality of war, both on the front lines and the home front.
The Archives of Ontario commemorates Remembrance Day 2014 by showcasing the contributions made by the T. Eaton Company and its employees to the war effort during World War One in a new online exhibit.
Dr. L. Bruce Robertson, a skilled and compassionate physician, saved the lives of many WWI soldiers through his innovative technique in blood transfusion. View this exhibit, containing heartwarming letters from his patients and their families, to discover the lasting impact made by doctors and nurses during the First World War.
This exhibit presents three examples of panoramic photographs of units of soldiers before they left for England or France to fight in the First World War.
The Archives of Ontario web exhibit includes a resource page that lists WWI web resources available from archives, museums and cultural institutions.
This exhibit features images, created by war artists between 1914 and 1918, that serves as poignant reminders of a devastating war that took place almost a hundred years ago.

Resources across Ontario

CBC Digital Archives
War & Conflict: First World War
The page contains resources regarding the creation of the "Van Doos," the Halifax Explosion of 1917 and stories of those who fought in the First World War.
 City of Greater Sudbury Archives

Royal Canadian Legion Dr. Fred Starr Branch (76 Fonds) 
This fonds contains the local Book of Remembrance with the names of the First and Second World War soldiers who lost their lives while serving.  A page was added in the back for the one local soldier who died during the Korean War.  A reference guide has been started by the archives for the Book of Remembrance and is still being updated.

Memories and Music Fonds 
This fonds consists of a radio program which interviewed locals about their life stories.  It contains five interviews with World War One veterans, twenty-five interviews with World War Two veterans and many others with memories of both world wars. 

City of Vaughan Archives
Service & Sacrifice
In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the First World War and the 75th Anniversary of the Second World War, the City of Vaughan Archives has released a virtual exhibit in honour of the men and women from Vaughan, (Vaughan Township and the Village of Woodbridge), who served and sacrificed in two of history's greatest conflicts. Release in time for Remembrance Day, this exhibit encouraged residents of Vaughan to bring forward family photos, documents and stories from two of history's greatest conflicts.
Deseronto Archives
The page contains blog posts about the First World War in Deseronto.
Diocese of London
WWI Virtual Exhibit
The exhibit features Bishop Fallon’s digitized “Diary of Visit to Canadian Army in England and France.” Entries provide a description of the war during the four months he was abroad.
Early Canadiana Online
In addition to Early Canadiana Online’s Canadian War Pictorial, users can search for archives from across Canada in using keywords such as:
  • military
  • world war, 1914-1918
  • military
  • battle*
  • infantry
  • campaign*
  • army
  • armed forces
  • war
and narrow the date range for 1914 for items such as:
Elgin County Archives
Elgin's Great War
The project features primary material including postcards, letters and portraits of soldiers relating to the First World War.
Great War Centenary Association
We Remembers: WWI Records Search
Resource contains a database of those who served in the First World War from the Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations region.
Law Society of Ontario
World War One Memorial
The exhibit, using archival material from the Law Society’s collections, tells the story of the making of the memorial at Osgoode Hall.
Mennonite Archives of Ontario
Ontario Mennonites and the First World War digital archives
Files on this page document the activities of the Ontario Mennonites and other "peace church" (pacificist or conscientious objector) organizations and individuals during the First World War.
McMaster University - William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections
World War I General collection
The collection consists of photographs, correspondence, postcards, maps and other material related to the First World War.
Communication collection
The collection consists of soldiers correspondence and postal history communications from the First World War.
Poster collection
The collection consists of posters from Britain, Germany, France, Germany, Belgium and Canada during the First World War.
Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs
The collection consists of digitized trench maps and aerial photographs from the First World War. 
War songs from the first half of the 20th century
The collection contains war songs from the First World War.
Peace and War in the 20th Century
The exhibit provides an interactive, thematic and educational venue to engage with archival resources documenting conflict throughout the 20th century.
Vera Brittain fonds
The fonds consists of material from Vera Brittain’s life including her time serving in the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) in World War I. 
Charles Hamilton Mitchell fonds
The fonds consists of material related to or dating from Mitchell’s time in the military.
Bernard Freeman Trotter fonds
The fonds consists of material associated with Trotter’s life, including resources related to his time serving with the British Army in the First World War.
Oshawa Museum
William James Garrow collection
The collection contains over eighteen Letters from the Trenches written by Garrow depicting his life overseas during the First World War.
Port Hope Archives

Remembrance Day Exhibit
The Great War ended for Canadians at 11am on 11 Nov 1918; and officially with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28 Jun 1919. Many brave Port Hopers voluntarily took part in this war, and those which followed, and their valiant effort is continually honoured on Remembrance Day each year on November 11th.

Queen's University Archives
Queen's Remembers
Queen's Remembers commemorates the life of students who died in defence of their country.
An Archival Look at World War One
The site features resources that den be use to complement core secondary curriculum.
University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services
We Will Do Our Share
We Will Do Our Share provides a video tour of the University of Toronto's efforts during the First World War.

The tour is guided by University of Toronto Archivist, Loryl MacDonald.
WWI Thunder Bay Centennial Project
The World War One - Thunder Bay Centennial Project is a four year cooperative community partnership (2014-2018) to document the centennial of World War One.

Over the next four years, the World War One - Thunder Bay Centennial Project will commemorate this time in history (1914-1918) through stories, displays exhibits, and more.

It is a work in progress and some pages of the site will have more content than others, with new material added on a regular basis. Community involvement in this project is always welcomed in order to add valuable personal context to the collections and resources.

This initiative is a partnership project between the following local organizations:
Western University Archives & Research Collections
No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital fonds
Fonds consists of war diaries, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia depicting the establishment, operations and the demobilization of the No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Helen Woolson fonds
Fonds consists of material related to Woolson’s position as a nursing sister in World War One and her personal life.
Leonard Family fonds
The fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries and other family records. A portion of the Correspondence found in the fonds have been digitized.
Whitby Archives
Whitby Remembers: The First World War Centennial  The exhibit highlights the impact of the First World War in Whitby and depicts the lives of servicemen from the area using archival records found in Whitby Archives and Library and Archives Canada.

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