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Select Archeion videos are embedded on this page. To view all Archeion training videos access the full Archeion playlist on YouTube. Reach out to the Archeion Coordinator if you need additional Archeion training support or go directly to Archeion to explore archival descriptions from Ontario's archives institutions.

Help people find your archives with Archeion

This video introduces the Archeion service and explains how archivists in Ontario can use it to share information about their archives.

Stepping Into Archeion 

A 2023 Archives Awareness Week Introduction to Archeion for Researchers. Watch this short introduction video about searching in Archeion.

Online training from other providers:

A detailed look at how to search and add archival descriptions to Access to Memory (AtoM) sites. This webinar will be useful to archivists who use Archeion (which is an AtoM site). Provided by Artefactual Systems.

Aimed at both end users and archivists using AtoM, these are helpful short videos covering searching an AtoM site, creating AtoM descriptions, and uploading digital objects. Provided by the Council of Nova Scotia Archives.

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