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Become an AAO Member

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the AAO, including Archeion contribution rights, chapter affiliation, discounts on services and industry supplies, and access to the latest issues of Off the Record. Take some time to review our membership categories and consider joining today!

Please contact with any questions regarding membership with the AAO. 



AAO institutional membership allows archival repositories to take part in Archeion, Ontario's Archival Information Network. As of 2022, Archeion has over 110,000 searchable archival descriptions and nearly 20,000 authority records from repositories across the province.

Chapter Affiliation

Complimentary membership affiliation with one of the regional Chapters. Regional Chapters provide an opportunity to network with archivists in your area and optional membership in AAO Special Interest Groups.

Discounts on AAO Services

Discounts on annual conference registration and educational workshops.

Discounts from Industry Suppliers

AAO members receive special rates from Carr McLean. Contact for further details.

Off the Record

Membership includes a complimentary subscription to Off the Record, the newsletter of the AAO featuring technical and professional advice, special features on archives around Ontario, and information on educational and employment opportunities.

Environmental Monitor Loan Program 

Institutional membership gives access to the Environmental Monitor Loan Program to borrow a data logger for monitoring environmental conditions in the archive.

Archives Emergency Response Network

The Archives Emergency Response Network (AERN), is a voluntary, cooperative network of AAO members that provides assistance to one another in emergency response and salvage. AERN is organized into regional groups based on the AAO’s chapters.

Institutional and full Individual members are eligible to participate in the Archives Emergency Response Network for assistance in the event of a disaster at their archives.

For more information, or to join the AERN, contact the AAO office at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education

All members receive free registration for one specialized diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop per year.

Conservation Workshop (Institutional Members) 

Institutional members are able to participate in one free conservation workshop per year. 

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Members have the opportunity to join member-only “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions with specialists in the field. These AMA sessions are an opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals and ask questions related to your archival practice.

Membership Categories

There are different types of AAO membership including institutional and individual memberships. To determine the type of membership best for you review the descriptions below.  All memberships begin on 1st of April and expire on 31st of March the following year unless renewed.

New members wishing to join on October 1st or later will be charged a prorated membership fee corresponding to 50% of the regular membership fee. New members will then be charged the full yearly membership fee if they wish to renew their membership the following April. The discount only applies to new members joining in October.

Institutional Members

        • Fees are based on the number of employees and/or volunteers.
        • Fee levels include bundled services up to the maximum number of employees listed.
        • For the "volunteer and unpaid employee" level, up to three volunteer and unpaid employees may be so bundled for organizations with an operating budget of less than $25,000. Otherwise, choose the next highest category.

Rates for Institutional Members

Institutional Membership - Volunteer and unpaid employee $95.00
Institutional Membership - 1-4 $250.00
Institutional Membership - 5-10 $450.00
Institutional Membership - 11-24  $775.00
Institutional Membership - 25+ employees $2,500.00

Note: To calculate your member rate, calculate how many paid full-time employees (defined as more than 24 hours per week on a 35 hour work week and more than 28 hours per week on a 40 hour work week) perform archival functions in your institution. Part-time should be pro-rated.

Individual Members

        • Open to all individuals active in, or interested in, the field of archival science.

Reduced rates are available for the following categories:

        • Student and New Professional Members, open to all individuals pursuing studies at a recognized educational institution, including but not limited to part-time and full-time students, who are interested in pursuing a career in archival work for the duration of their studies and new professionals who have graduated within the past three years.
        • Retired members interested in supporting the aims and objectives of the AAO.
        • Friends of the AAO interested in supporting the aims and objectives of the AAO.

Rates for Individual Members

Individual Membership $95.00
Friends of the AAO Membership  $35.00
Student Membership $30.00 
Retired Membership   $35.00 

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