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AAO Listserv

The AAOLIST is the electronic mailing list of the Archives Association of Ontario. It is for sharing information, posting job openings, and facilitating constructive discussion on topics of interest to list members. 

Anyone participating on or posting to the AAOLIST should be familiar with and adhere to the AAO's Code of Conduct

Solicitation for business, in any form, is not accepted on the listserv, but may be submitted as a paid advertisement in AAO publications, such as Off the Record

Please email the AAO office for information about submitting an ad. 

Subscribing to AAOLIST

To subscribe to AAOLIST, send an email message to LISTSERV@YORKU.CA with the following information in the body of the email:

SUBSCRIBE AAOLIST firstname lastname

Remember to leave the SUBJECT line of the email message blank.

Please keep the welcome message that you will receive in reply for future reference!

Unsubscribing to AAOLIST

To STOP SUBSCRIBING, send an email to LISTSERV@YORKU.CA with the following command in the body of the note:


Additional info

        • When you subscribe or sign off (unsubscribe) from a list, you are actually sending a command to the server hosting the list. The email address for the server hosting AAOLIST is LISTSERV@YORKU.CA.
        • When sending commands such as SUBSCRIBE or SIGNOFF, you must send them from the same email id you wish to use for receiving and sending postings to the list. If you have more than one email address, decide before subscribing which one to use.
        • When sending commands, leave the subject line blank and delete any epilogue or signature from your note.
        • The AAOLIST itself has its own email address which is AAOLIST@YORKU.CA. Send postings to the list just as you would any email to anyone else.
        • When replying to a posting, your reply will be sent to the originator only. If you wish to send your reply to the entire list, you must specifically include AAOLIST@YORKU.CA among the email addresses to which you are sending your reply.

AAOList Archives

Thank you!

The AAO extends thanks to York University for in-kind support from the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections for hosting AAOLIST!

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