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Archeion Timeline


  • CCA sponsors a roundtable on “Archives and the Information Highway” in response to changing technology.


  • CCA Information Highway Taskforce drafts “Raising CAIN: Building Canada’s Archival Information Highway.”
  • Kent Haworth proposes an Ontario network to be online for the year 2000.


  • AAO Board approves the creation of a 3-year Special Committee for the Archival Union List of Ontario (AULO). 
  • Loren Fantin is hired to conduct a feasibility survey.
  • Feasibility survey results reveal that descriptive standards vary widely across Ontario’s archival institutions, and that institutions need description help and help converting to RAD. A pilot project is established.
  • Loren Fantin is rehired as AULO Coordinator.


  • “Archeion” wins the Name The Union List Contest. 
  • Derrick Clements is hired for database work.


  • Archeion launches. 
  • Loren Fantin is Archeion Coordinator. 
  • Derrick Clements is Archeion Data Collection Archivist.


  • Philippa Cummings, Archeion Outreach Archivist, joins the AAO on a short-term contract to provide regional assistance for contributions to Archeion.
  • Marie-Josee Levesque takes over as Acting Archeion Coordinator during Loren Fantin’s maternity leave.


  • Philippa Cummings assumes the role of Archeion Coordinator during Loren Fantin’s maternity leave.
  • Loren Fantin returns to the role of Archeion Coordinator.


  • Ontario Trillium Foundation funds a user study by Loren Fantin. 
  • Data Collection Archivist (Derrick Clements’) position is eliminated. 
  • Linda White is the Archeion Virtual Exhibit Coordinator.


  • “Archeion Reactivation Project” / “Archeion Enhancement and Development Project” is funded by the Institutional Development Committee.


  • Archeion is recognized as an essential programme of the AAO, not just a project.
  • Loren Fantin steps down as Archeion Coordinator. 
  • Sharon White is hired as Archeion Project Archivist.


  • Sharon White steps down as Archeion Coordinator. 
  • Amanda Hill is hired as Archeion Coordinator. 


  • Archeion moves to ICA-AtoM and multi-level descriptions and digital objects are available for the first time.


  • Archeion moves to AtoM 2.0. 
  • Amanda Hill puts out the first Archeion training video.


  • Emily Chicorli is hired as Archeion Assistant. 
  • Amanda Hill steps down as Archeion Coordinator. 
  • Lisa Snider is hired as Archeion Coordinator.


  • The Archeion Committee is disbanded in favour of the Digital Access and Preservation Committee.


  • Lisa Snider steps down as Archeion Coordinator. 
  • Jazmine Aldrich is hired as Archeion Coordinator.
  • Jazmine Aldrich steps down as Archeion Coordinator.


      • Kelli Babcock is hired as Archeion Coordinator.

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